Raffai Kinga 1948-

"Hungarian artist. She graduated at teacher's training College of Eger by the guidence of fine artists like János Blaskó and János Seres. In 1980 she was admitted to the art fund of Hungarian Republic.
She spent one and a half year of study in Mexico and attended a professional visit in Germany, too. She is the head teacher of artFaculty beyondat Eötvös József Secondary school of art and Building Studies and she directs the work at the decorating painting branch. Ms Raffai has had several national and beyond the border exhibitions: Miskolc, Ózd, Kazincbarcika, Nyírbátor, Szerencs, Szekszárd, Debrecen, Eger, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany.
Her main feature is batique style. Using colours and shapes in order to express images beyond sense and sensitivity ms Raffai creates narrative or symbolic works of art, very often inspired by folk-poetry."

Dr. Szabó - Kállai: Biographical Encyclopedia of Hungarian artists and graphics 1997.

"You are allowed to do everything in art provided you are aware of one important thing: know, you love it - though it takes a lot of time till you realize it."

Those who are familiar with Kinga Raffai's career will immediately get the feeling and will understand the message of the beginning quotation. Its hiding paradox is about respect of fine arts searching for the great "secrets", interpreting the realizations of the world and ourselves who wish for the wisdom of beauty and truth. It directs us towards a straggling journey that we are to go through in order to ennoble our own messages as authentic creators.

Kinga Raffai has always been going on this road with her heart full of love and respect both as a teacher and an artist. She has been learning and she has been teaching. She has found a way to her colours and forms on the batique canavas to be not just eye-attracting, decorative elements but to answer the state-of-the art claims of our age. Her pictures are fed by noble-minded feelings either narrative or symbolic, either protesting or looking for peace in folk art.

Ms Raffai has the calling for varying formal and composite realisations. Forming a material she counts on coming-up accidents, as well, being painfully aware of delivering her image for all of us in a wonderfully comprehensive way.

These pieces of works of arts are parts of her life. They are versions and alternatives of answering the questions of every day life. Their learnings reach us and speak about us either curing our souls or causing disturbing effect. Besides, these works are about love. About enjoying art.
Love, that equals radiation. Love, that is the circle around the moon of our self-knowledge, the essence of our being, that is capable of driving fear away.

Dr. István Dobrik

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